Jun 22, 2011

Steps to building your new home

You've waited months and sometimes years to be able to create your dream home.

Maybe you're saying "There is so much to think about... will I remember it all?"  Here is a run down of a typical home construction schedule.

1. Land -  Do we buy or do we have the property already...

2. House Plans - The fun part... what do we want in our "dream house plans" ? What can we live with or without if cost becomes a factor.

3. Visiting your bank - if you will be borrowing money to build.

4. Finding the right contractors to do each part of the project... cheaper is not always better... ask around.

5. Building permits.

6. Grading and/or clearing the site.

7. Foundation

8. Framing - walls, roof, floors (if there is a second floor or if a basement/crawlspace is built)

9. Roofing

10. Windows and doors are set to finish "drying in" the structure.

11. Exterior finishes are applied... Brick, siding, etc.

12. Roughing in of Electrical - Hvac - Plumbing - Security System.

13. Insulation - drywall - trim and painting.

14. Cabinets

15. Finish Electrical - Hvac - Plumbing - Security System.

16. Flooring - wood, vinyl, carpet, etc.

17. All final hookups to sewer/water systems.

18. Final inspections.

19. Landscaping.

Please note that inspections of the construction site will be carried on by your bank and/or local building department.

Take a deep breath and relax in your new home.. you've earned it.

Have a great week..


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