Jun 27, 2011

New Kitchens

One area that can add a lot of value to your home is the kitchen. Kitchens and baths are two of the most costly and used areas in a home. Here are a two kitchens we will review for ideas.

What's hot about this kitchen? Custom millwork,  metal tiles used as accents, glass top range and a pop of bright color for the kitchen. Expensive tiles can be used as accents while saving money.

The marble on the island is great for rolling out dough but not for using as a cutting board.  This kitchen is open and airy using different stations for cooks in the kitchen.

This kitchen is more compact. Notice the all the extra storage designed into each area... The "L" shaped peninsula gives extra storage "without blocking your view" by having an opening below the upper cabinets. High ceilings allow extra storage on top of the upper cabinets. The microwave mounted above the stove saves space by venting the stove and giving light to the cooking surface below.

What's your favorite way to add extra storage to a kitchen?

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  1. These are great ideas! I really like the idea of the tile. Thanks for sharing.


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