May 20, 2011

Ideas for Backsplashes

Backsplashes can make such a huge difference in the look at feel of your kitchen or bathroom.  Below you will find a few pictures to get you started. BTW - if you have some creative backsplashes "you did yourself " and would like to share please let me. I would love to see them and feature them for our visitors.

copper tile back splash
 A copper tile backsplash gives a vintage look to this new kitchen.  One of our clients shared their lovely home after they finished building. I was so glad to see the copper tiles, it really changes the look of the kitchen and goes with the craftsman style house.

"sandblasted" porcelain tiles set on angle.

These "sandblasted" porcelain tiles are set on a 45 degree angle and give this backsplash a very durable finish. I love this color and the tile is VERY heat resistant. This is part of MY kitchen, I'm sharing with you. Note the black thing behind the cooktop is a fresh air vent. Our house is built with Insulated Concrete Forms and very air tight.. I will admit seeing this vent "off center" bugs the heck out of me but there was a stud in the way and they didn't want to trim it.  I will fill you in later on the custom range hood above.. my dad built the frame and I faux finished it. Getting back to the tiles... they are super heat resistant. I love being able to remove something from the cooktop or oven without worrying about finding a potholder to rest it on! ;-) Clean up is a breeze also.. did I tell you how much I love my kitchen? I can live with the vent....

And last but not least Glass tiles are a traditional look. They get a very modern look from the RED vessel sink and raised faucet. A lovely accent for a 1/2 bath without going over your budget.

 And a very non-traditional look of glass bubbles! Thankfully all these tiles come attached to a mesh backing, saving $$ and time on installation.

I really love the look of glass tiles for a backsplash. If you have a small kitchen, bath or if you just use the tiles to highlight the stove or a sink, you can save money and still have style.

Have a great weekend everyone!


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