Apr 1, 2011

From ponies to pupils - A redesign done right!

Sometimes you don't have to start over to create something perfectly modern. Today I will introduce you to the Historic Horse Arena "Longwood Farms". This arena was where Loula Long Combs (1881-1971) once trained her prized horses.  The daughter of a wealthy lumber baron Loula loved her horses. In 1921 they owned 120 saddled horses... so you can see why they needed such a large stable and arena!

Loula with her beloved dogs
The 40,000 square foot arena featuring 150 stalls was built by R.A. Long in Kansas City, MO.  Reminders of what this former arena once was are everywhere... from the dividers that once separated the horse stalls, in the "new" gym. This Arena is now Longwood Farms Elementary School!

To the barn doors that were reused as interior windows within the offices or as decoration in the lobby.

The old fireplace was saved and is on display in the lobby as well. Large beams are not covered up but featured, stand proudly to remind us of what used to be.

Just a note - Corinthian Hall - the family home is now the Kansas City Museum of  History and Science.
The family home - Corinthian Hall = Kansas City Museum today

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