Mar 28, 2011

The little town of Lost Rabbit....

This is a TND (Traditional Neighborhood Design) I visited several years ago.The town is called Lost Rabbit and is located on 260 acres in Madison County, Mississippi on the Ross Barnett Reservoir.

There are a lot of two story homes in this development because the lots are pretty small. Below you will see a small balcony, gas lights and REAL shutters. You can close the shutters to protect the windows... something you don't see a lot of people doing.

 Below you will find another home. Notice the use of different building materials (metal roofing, siding, stucco over brick and wood shutters) done right, the items will blend seamlessly into a lovely home. This home looks like it could have been added onto over time but with a modern feel as well. I really like the vents created by removing the brick at the top of the gable wall.

 Houston - we have a problem... Poor fellow, I'm quite sure this did NOT make his day.

 Last but not least... the inside. I am including this shot of a staircase in one of the homes. This is a LOT of white but it works.  The contrast between the black furnishings and white panels is very soothing. The look is modern, sexy and classic all at the same time.

Until next time... have a great week everyone!

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