Jul 7, 2011

Madonna gets a makeover or how to create your own art on the cheap

We have a pocket door that leads into our laundry room - great for saving space but not so great when you want to decorate. I have been trying to figure out how to hang some art in this area for years.

One day while looking through one of my favorite stores I was inspired by Madonna. :-)  Three 16" x 16" canvas images of Madonna to be exact... I had plans for them. I have to admit I felt a bit funny going to the register with three of those but three (in decorating) is a magic number.  At $2.00 each, I could not resist trying something new with them.   Canvas is not cheap and finding something I can redo is right up my alley, so Madonna came home with me. ;-)

First I'd like to say I'm sorry I didn't take any "during" pictures. I really didn't know how this would turn out and I was not planning on blogging on it. Live and learn... 

This technique is really easy and the possibilities are endless.

Here is a list of supplies you will need:

1. Canvas of your choosing - new or used and the size is up to you.
2. Joint compound - it does not take a lot - this will give you the texture.
3. Acrylic paint - colors of your choosing - easier to clean up than oil based.
4. Stamps, stencils, buttons, brushes, sponges - whatever you want to give your canvas interest.
5. Something to spread the joint compound around with - I used a cake spatula that I only use for revamping things.
6. Alcohol inks in the colors you choose (optional) for an extra pop of color.


Take a scoop of joint compound onto your spatula, old credit card or trowel and cover most of the canvas. Vary the thickness for interest and leave some areas uncovered for extra texture  Do not allow this compound to dry before you start on this next step.

Grab your stamps, texture sheets, lace, blue jeans (use you imagination) or whatever you want to add texture to the compound. Play with it.. you can always smooth it out and start again as long as the compound doesn't dry first. When you have something you like, take a break and let it dry overnight.

 Take your chosen paint colors and apply with paint brushes, sea sponges or whatever you want. Make sure you also cover the edges of the canvas.  The areas with texture will take the paint differently than the smoother areas. Let dry..

 Apply any stenciled designs you would like for extra interest. I'm still thinking about painting a phrase on them but I haven't decided yet.

The canvas is so light I was able to  hang them using Command Wall Strips. I don't have to worry about damaging the walls or the pocket door behind them.

I made my art a bit "old world" looking but you could use bright crisp colors, splatters, stripes or whatever fits your decor.   The best thing about this project it costs me $6.00 and I can paint over it again if I desire a different look. I hung the canvases higher than the door because we have 10 foot high ceilings.

Want to give this a try? I'd love to see what you come up with and share with our readers in the future!



  1. What an amazing project! I *love* the look of all the textures and colors.

  2. Thank you so much Korrie... I've never done anything like it before but since it was so cheap. I didn't have a lot to lose! LOL


  3. You're right, nothing to lose! You did a super job!
    I love the colors and the texture.

  4. wow cool.. I wish I had a creative mind....As always...XOXOXO


  5. You are doing some pretty creative work here. Looks great with some great ideas :)

    Visiting from the 'Getting to Know You Blog Hop'.


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