Mar 7, 2011

Kitchen cabinets and window ideas

From the IBS2011 - a picture of the new kitchen base cabinet from Merillat.  If your kitchen sink has ever leaked, you can relate.

The following quote is from the Merillat website - "The Merillat CoreGuard Sink Base is made of an engineered polymer specifically designed to resist damage from spills and leaks. The face, frame and door assembly are wood, but behind them, everything is a water-resistant, non-wood material that’s easy to clean and is stain-resistant.
The floor has a slight forward tilt and a rib design to direct any spills forward. With CoreGuard, you can see a problem right away and clean it up. It’s a low-maintenance solution in a cabinet that’s built to last."


Looking for extra light in your kitchen without losing wall cabinets? If you've got tall ceilings you have another option... install them over the wall cabinets! See the picture below for an example.

 What else can you gather from the Kitchen above? 

1. Textured glass on the front of the wall cabinets hide cups/plates, etc. but still give you a more open feel to the kitchen. 
2. Deep drawers under the cooktop are perfect for pots and pans. You can access everything in a drawer much easier than bending over to get to the back of a base cabinet.
3. White cabinets are a classic and stainless steel door pulls are a modern addition.
4. Tiling the wall from the bottom of the upper cabinets to the base cabinet below makes cleanup easier.

Hope you enjoyed the tips and have a great week!


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