Jun 1, 2009

How many sets of house plans do I need ?

How many sets of house plans do I need to order?

The answer depends on where you are building.

1. First talk with your contractor and see how many sets he will need for each trade....framers, foundation, electrician, etc.

2. If you are borrowing money, consult your bank to see how many they will need. They normally will keep one or two sets for their records... just to make sure you are spending their money where you said you would, like the house and not a cruise.

3. Call your local building code department and see how many sets they will require. They usually require at least one or more sets.

4. If you are building in an area that has a homeowner association, they will require a set to review as well. They may or may not return them to you after the review, so double check this.

Do not order one set thinking that will be enough (can't they all share) or that you can have copies made. It is against the law to have copies made of house plans unless you have ordered a reproducible set or have written permission from the designer/architect to do so. Honestly it is cheaper for you to order more plans than to try and have copies made.

Last but not least - YOU want to have a set of plans for YOUR records.

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