Dec 5, 2006

How to pick the best house plan

In this issue - How to pick the best house plan for your family.
Finding the perfect home plan for you family can be a hard thing to do.
Clients have so many house plans to pick from and the task can be overwelming!
Long ago, when our lives were simplier, families plans were simplier as well. Most plans were pretty boxy and consisted of just the basics - Kitchen, Family Area and maybe a Bedroom, that everyone shared.
Now each member of the family has their own room (for the most part) and the average house size has grown like never before. Finding the perfect house can be a challenge and lets review a few points to consider below.
1. Budget - Just how much home can you afford? No one wants to end up with "the perfect" house if all you will be able to afford after paying the note every month is little else.
2. Lifestyle - Are you a casual or formal family? Do you need rooms for entertaining? Do you have dinner parties that you need room for?
3. Your land - How much room do you have to build on? Make sure you have plenty of room for your house to fit within the setbacks.
4. Flex Spaces - Do you need a home office or sewing room? Can you use a bedroom you have in this or would you be better off building with a plan that has the extra space?
Still having a problem finding your dream home plan?
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