Dec 9, 2006

Frequently Asked Questions about House Plans.

What does Heated Square Footage mean?

All of our plans are grouped on this site by their Heated Square Footage. This is the area that is heated and cooled in the home. This is your main living area and does not include, porches, garages, garage storage area, patios, two story vaulted ceiling area, basements or unfinished areas. Generally is does not include any bonus room – if this is a concern please contact us to verify.

Do the plans meet my local codes?

At the time the drawings are prepared, the plans conform to most national building codes. However, they may not comply completely with your local building regulations. Some counties and municipalities have their own building codes, regulations and requirements. The assistance of a local builder, architect or other building professional may be necessary to modify the drawings to comply with your area's specific requirements. We recommend you consult with your local building officials prior to purchasing the blueprints or beginning construction.

How come my plans don't have plumbing diagrams and HVAC plans?

Plans normally do not have Plumbing diagrams or HVAC plans because every part of the country is different as well as each building situation. What works in one area may not be the best thing for another and since it is generally required to have a licensed plumber or electrician, they must follow the codes for your area.

Can we build the house more than once?

You, as the original purchaser of plans, are licensed to build a single home from the plans. Building more than one home from the plans is an infringement of the designer's copyright. The purchase of a multiple set package of plans is for the construction of a single home only. The purchase of additional sets of plans does not give you the right to construct more than one home. Therefore, if you would like to build a house more than once, you are required to purchase another full set of blueprints.

I want to see one of the plans built. Can you tell me where they are so I can go look at the home?

Sorry, but due to privacy issues with each homeowner, we can not give out the location of any of our homes. Due to the fact that they are built all over the U.S. it would also be impossible for us to keep track of there exact locations also. If we do have a picture of it, we will put it on the website.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask.

DesignHouse Inc.

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